Congratulations to our winners!

Grand Prize   Dwayne E.
Chicago, IL
  WMBI   Leah M.
Bourbonnais, IL
  WMFT   Patricia N.
Pinson, AL
Week 1   Jesse M.
Venice, FL
  WCRF   Mark J.
Canton, OH
  WRMB   Laurie H.
Sunrise, FL
Week 2   James S.
Brownsburg, IN
  WKES   Lori C.
Oneco, FL
  WGNB   David S.
Grand Rapids, MI
Week 3   Nathalie K.
Grangeville, ID
  WGNR   Dee D.
Greensburg, IN
  WFCM   Mike P.
Spring Hill, TN
KMBN   Daniel B.
Las Cruces, NM
  KMBI   Rich S.
Spokane, WA
  WDLM   Roger H.
Davenport, IA
WJSO   Amy V.
Pound, VA
  WMBW   Tracy W.
Dunlap, TN
  MBN   Veronique P.
Apopka, FL

Tell Us about Your Experience with The Global Trek!

1. 1. Where did you first hear about The Global Trek adventure game?

Moody Radio
Moody website
A friend or family member
Other social media site

2. What feature of The Global Trek did you enjoy the most?

Daily e-mail reminders to play
Daily destination stories
Daily Bible questions
Daily devotional challenges
Weekly devotional emails
Sharing the trek with friends
The competitive aspect

3. How would you rate the difficulty of the daily Moody and Bible questions?

Too challenging
Too easy
Too confusing
Just right

4. How would you rate the time required to participate on a daily basis?

Too time-intensive
An appropriate amount of time
Too short

5. Which aspects of The Global Trek were confusing or unclear?

The rules
The available prizes
Daily requirements
Sharing benefits and capabilities

6. What did you learn about Moody through your experience with The Global Trek?

Moody’s various ministry efforts
The countries Moody is impacting
Moody’s commitment to taking God’s Word across the globe, cultures, and generations
All of the above

7. Did you see The Global Trek as a means to share your faith with family and friends?

Not applicable

8. What was most rewarding about your experience with The Global Trek adventure game?

Reading the testimonies of Moody's global impact
Learning how financial partners are enabling the changing of lives worldwide
Growing in my knowledge of Scripture
Sharing the experience with friends

9. In what ways did The Global Trek game encourage you to get involved with Moody?

I would like to become a financial partner
I would like to commit to praying
All of the above

10. Would you play this type of game again?


11. Is there anything else you would like to share about The Global Trek?

Please tell us a little about yourself.